About Us

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we are a team of keen travellers with a with a strong belief that travelling should be relaxing, fun and inspiring. So many of our trips start with a mad dash around the shops the day before our flight getting everything we need. Getting swimming shorts from one shop, sunglasses from a second shop and a new backpack from another. Arriving home, realising that you left you travel adaptor wherever you travelled last and having to go out again to buy one.

We decided to change that, both for us, and for others.

The TravelClobber store is structured to provide you with everything you need for your upcoming trip in one place. We source travel accessories we love from around the world and share them with likeminded travellers around the globe. We ensure all our products are of genuine quality by following our own simple rule; If we wouldn’t buy it ourselves, we don’t stock it.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer taking a year out experiencing new cultures and cuisines, a couple taking a break by relaxing on the beach, or a family looking to get away in the school holidays, we have a vast collection of travel gear we would make your holiday that bit more enjoyable, safe and stress free.

From luggage, bags and organisers to electronics, travel pillows and survival gadgets, our wide-ranging shop has something for everyone.

So, why wait until the last minute before preparing for your next venture, pitch up in our shop and start exploring our great products and sign up to our monthly newsletter to make sure you’re the first to know about new travel products and promotions.

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